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Services offered

We are open every day, including holidays. 

From 07:00 to 23:00. 
Last wash 22:00.


Here you can wash and dry

  • duvets, quilts and comforters
  • windbreakers, ski suits and quilts
  • sheets, table covers
  • awnings, tapestries
  • sleeping bags and soft carpets
  • sereval articles of cloth
  • terry clothes and linen

Get an entire worth of laundry in less than one hour!!


Washing machines:

High spin washer - industrial version - patent eco cascade drum sistem with rated capacity ratio to high G foce (protection efficiency gainst humidity up 25%!!!), CRIOX X-TRACT integrated system for a total washing and disinfection

6 washing machines with token dispenser avaible - 2 professional washing machines for 16 kg capacity - 4 professional ones for 8 kg capacity

Price list:

5 tokens for the 8 kg capacity washing machines, that is, 5 €
7 tokens for the 16 kg capacity washing machines, that is, 7 €

1 €: with just 1 token you can select program number 6 and use a centrifuge only. For a free additional hygenization, select program number 7 before washing.


N. 4 spin dryers avaible - choose one among high, medium and low temperature

Price list:

3 tokens for a standard load (drying time: 27 minutes), that is, 3 €

Tokens summary: 

Drying program includes laundry detergent, fabric softner and hygienizer.